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ACE SOFTWARE SDN BHD (who is known to her users as ACE) with her team of Systems Analysts and Programmers, specializes in the development of Accounting Application Software programs and the library of systems available now is extensive.
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The principle objectives of the company are:-
To develop accounting and other accounting related software for various types of industries using micro computers as the main medium of data processing.
To develop software that are efficient (fast and reliable),feasible (practical to use) and easy to use (user-friendly features).
Our Mission
3, 3A & 3B, Jalan Bunga Tanjung 8B,
Taman Putra, Ampang,
68000 Selangor. Malaysia
Tel: 603-4297 4429 Fax: 603-4297 4430
The Company
The Company recognises the fact that computers are becoming more and more powerful and given the right Software can be excellent data processing tools and it is our aim to provide such Software applications.
Programs are marketed under the brand name of ACE. Marketing of her products is done directly as well as indirectly through her network of dealers and system integrators.
All Software are at the present moment operating under standard Windows operating system such as Windows XP,7, 8 and 10.
Our ACE Software application systems are being regularly improved upon based on feedback from existing users and are constantly added with new features and reports to enhance the systems' capabilities.
The existing programs have single as well as multi-users versions.  The multi-users versions within the same premises run on standard networking environment Local Area Network (LAN) using Microsoft Windows Servers and the various terminals are link directly to your Windows Server.  In a multi branch environment, the ACE Software solutions can be operated on remotely using the local Internet connection through a Wide Area Network (WAN) link to a centralised Windows Server where all data for multiple retail outlets are stored for consolidation and reporting purposes.  The remote terminals can be link using simple WAN or through more sophisticated Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections which are more secure when data transfer is taking place.
All the individual ACE Software Solutions are fully integrated to each other which means that data that are meant to be updated to different modules are done automatically once you have setup the various links needed between the individual modules.
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